A blogroll frenzy

Don’t trust me! I’m a blogger.

I just learned here that it’s unlikely I’m going to have a mental breakthrough (hmm, too close to mental breakdown, how about an epiphany?) as a result of what I’ve read in a blog. Fair enough. Most of what I find online is utter flim flam.  But there are nuggets of genius out there. And when you’re working from home and all alone, you need input from like minded individuals to remind you why you decided to quit the office. But where do you start? Though I hate to admit it, Twitter’s helped me out.

…but I’m good at finding the blogs you should read

In an inspiring 20 minutes I have stumbled into some really useful blogs, all from one click on one tweet (Copyblogger’s of course) that has led me into a spider’s web of links and leaps through all the online marketing genius you could wish for. Well, if not genius, at least some very down to earth marketing/business blogs which I will henceforth follow as though they were my slightly superior office colleagues on whose words I might hang like an overwrought kitten.

Audience. Audience. Audience.

First up, Joe Hall has contacted a bunch of business marketing gurus and they say this about The Most Important Thing for New Entrepreneurs to Understand (his title, not mine – such a teutonic approach to capitalisation makes me scratch nervously). Also  I question the adjective ‘New’ here – you either are or aren’t entrepreneurial by nature surely? Anyway, it’s a motivating read. Go have a look now, don’t worry if you click it won’t take you away from this page (do I look stupid?).

Chicks online.

After that I found Outspoken Media which is like an all-female rock band but with more than just a pretty face and loud noise to recommend it. I like their style.

Why is everyone’s else site better than mine?

And just when I’m weeping into my boots because everyone’s blogs are so much cooler than mine, along came the solution in the form of this guy who is clearly a Wordpress genius and who (obviously) has a way better Wordpress site than I do. I want one. Can I have one? Can I? Yes, if I listen hard to The Most Important Thing for New Entrepreneurs to Understand and make a bit more money so I can afford to pay Langford Ink’s web developer to build it for me. Gah!

Happy reading. Come back for more untrustworthy blogs soon. I’ll try not to disappoint.

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